From the pages of 'De Utrechtse Keukenmeid"...

Posted by Saif Abdoelrazak on August 24, 2019

Hoeredrekjens, also known as 'Hoerendreet' -- a very interesting name for a dish. 'Hoeren' translates to prostitutes, and 'drekje(n)s' and 'dreet' translate to 'fart' and 'excrement' respectively. Considering this peculiar and slightly insulting name for a dish, we wonder how appetizing a dish like this could be!

With the terms 'hoerendreten' and 'hoerendrekjes', people were obviously not literally referring to the fecal matter or the flatuosity of a woman of the night. The terms were used to refer to pastries. Hoerendreten were filled beignets that were made out of dough and eggs, which were wallowed in melted sugar after cooking, much like Wentelteefjes, except the Hoerendreten were dipped into wine instead of milk.

The reasoning behind the naming of this dish probably originated from the fact that the pastries were very fluffy and airy. The reasoning behind the use of the hoeren term is unclear, however. One could speculate this term was coined due to people being seduced by the sweet scent of the pastries. In any case, let's dive into how to prepare this sinful dish.

The original recipe from Nieuwe Welervarene Utrechtse Keukenmeid. Taken from hetutrechtsarchief.nl

You will need:

  • White
  • Red wine
  • Eggs
  • Ginger
  • Sugar
  • Butter

How to prepare Hoerendrekjens

Take toasted white bread, wine, eggs, ginger, and sugar. Mix together in a bowl. Cook the pastries in a pan with butter, and rasp the sugar over the the pastries.